Founder + Lead Photographer

Growing up in south Louisiana, Trent had an early fascination with taking photographs and the feeling of nostalgia that came from looking at photographic prints of family members and memories captured on film.  Trent considers it an absolute honor to create images and preserve a legacy for newlyweds that will be passed down for generations to come.

What do you believe is your purpose with photography?
I’ve always believed my mission is to capture life as it happens…the real moments in front of me as not to stage or mold an image. Instead I am a witness to the beauty and grace of the pure moments that surround us. For some the delicate moments are hard to see, I feel it is my duty to show the magnificence of life. There is so much darkness in this world, I am caught by the light, hope and joy.
Creative director + Assistant Photographer

After meeting Trent at the age of 16, studying Fashion and Apparel Design in college and getting married, Dara & Trent moved to New York to chase their dream of making a life together in Manhattan.  Dara encouraged Trent to pursue his passion of taking photographs of people and in 2009 Trent Bailey Studio was founded.  In addition to working with Trent at the studio, Dara is the designer of Preston & Olivia making beautiful hats, hair and bridal accessories.

What is you role at Trent Bailey Studio?
On the wedding day I work alongside Trent assisting him with loading film, helping our couples look their best, styling still life details of the day and shooting at key moments of the day. My favorite time of the wedding day is with the bride during the final moments she spends with her dad by her side before walking down the aisle.
Associate Photographer + Super 8 Filmmaker

Mark resides in Brooklyn by way of Minnesota with his girlfriend and dog.  Before moving to New York, Mark received his BFA in photography. After working along with Trent & Dara for many years on weddings and editorial shoots, Mark is now photographing weddings as an associate photographer for the studio.

What is your approach to photography?
I use photography to better understand my environment and the people that I encounter within it. Using photographs I can illuminate the small details– whether they be moments of emotional importance, or places of particular beauty, to piece together a record. Photographs add resonance to memory, and allow us to touch the etherial histories that we all share. Expressing myself through the archivist role of those histories has been the most natural thing I have ever done, and I love every moment.