Hempstead House – New York Wedding Photography

Also known as the Gould-Guggenheim Estate or Sands Point Reserve, the Hempstead House offers lavish grounds with two castle-like architectures. Since the 1920s, this wedding venue has revealed a taste for extravagance. This gorgeous European style castle has luxurious and versatile interiors, with stunning archways, lush stairwells, indoor fountains, and gothic woodwork that could be mistaken for somewhere other than Long Island. Imagine your wedding day in a castle where medieval tapestries once hung on the walls, oriental carpets blanketing the floor. The sunken Palm Court once contained over 100 species of rare orchids and other plants, and an aviary housed incredibly exotic birds in ornate cages among the flowers. The walnut-paneled Library was copied from the palace of King James I, and relief portraits of literary figures still decorate the plaster ceiling.