ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.39 December 13, 2018 / ONE FRAME Sometimes you just get a little lucky, we had 3 frames left on this roll of film, when the wind picked up and the trees started raining cherry blossoms SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.38 December 11, 2018 / MOMENTS We love when couples see each other for the first time on their wedding day, so much suspense, but also so much emotion. We loved Michael’s reaction to seeing Kayla on their wedding day! SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.37 December 6, 2018 / ONE FRAME This image of Erica getting help from her bridesmaids is still quite possibly one of our favorites. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.36 December 4, 2018 / ONE FRAME Lucie wore quite possibly one of our favorite dresses ever, and we photographed this image on one of our favorite streets in our neighborhood in Dumbo. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.35 November 29, 2018 / ONE FRAME One of our favorite moments to capture is that happy moment of smiles just before a kiss…there is nothing like it. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.34 November 27, 2018 / ONE FRAME It might have been the first day of spring, but it actually started snowing just a few moments after the CHIC city hall wedding of Rachel & Dennis. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.33 November 22, 2018 / ONE FRAME This quiet moment just before walking down the aisle on a gorgeous rooftop ceremony. We love the movement in the image and Alexia’s pop of color on her lips. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.32 November 20, 2018 / ONE FRAME Just after their ceremony – Jooin & Mau went for a walk alone in the vineyard to spend a few quiet moments together.  Shooting this from a distance, we love the focus on the vines and keeping the... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.31 November 15, 2018 / ONE FRAME Clare & Shay had an unforgettable Bowery Hotel wedding ceremony with Putnam and Putnam bringing the beauty to the fireplace with the florals and candlelight. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.30 November 13, 2018 / ONE FRAME Truly an unforgettable smile. We also love the hands of the adults behind the little guy and the flower girl giving him THAT look. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.29 November 8, 2018 / ONE FRAME Bridesmaids in different dresses are our favorite…it adds a bit of variation to the images and also allows everyone to express themselves. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.28 November 6, 2018 / ONE FRAME This moment as Samantha + her parents + flower girls made their way to the ceremony was an unforgettable one, and the beachgoers wanted to get a peek (and an iPhone shot) as well. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.27 November 1, 2018 / ONE FRAME We are dog people…and so many of our couples are as well.  It's always a great idea to get a sweet family portrait in on your wedding day. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.26 October 30, 2018 / ONE FRAME We adore an exit…and our favorites are always shot immediately after the ceremony with petals or confetti and the light is beautiful. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.25 October 25, 2018 / ONE FRAME Capturing the newlyweds among the street art of lower Manhattan is always a great way to incorporate color and unexpected pattern. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.24 October 23, 2018 / ONE FRAME It's always great to capture views and angles that are not expected…like this angle from above while Alexia & Logan dined with their family and friends. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.23 October 18, 2018 / ONE FRAME We love capturing couples in love and telling the story of the day…but when Ariel Dearie makes a stunning bouquet like this one, it deserves a portrait as well. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.22 October 16, 2018 / ONE FRAME This image has been one of the most popular photographs we have ever taken…We have seen it pop up everywhere and on so many Pinterest boards. This moment was captured on a rainy day in Manhattan, and... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.21 October 11, 2018 / ONE FRAME This image looks super beachy and warm, little did you know that it was December and Marni & Michael were champions to brave the cold to get beautiful light-filled portraits. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.20 October 9, 2018 / ONE FRAME The light was just perfection…and when the bridesmaids + bride locks arms to go on a stroll, and we just had to capture this moment SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.19 October 4, 2018 / ONE FRAME When you just CANNOT stop smiling at each other…we loved this moment between Rachel & Dennis during their City Hall Ceremony. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.18 October 2, 2018 / ONE FRAME We snapped this image just before the Clare walked down the aisle at her Gramercy Park Hotel wedding ceremony. We just adored the florals by Putnam and Putnam paired with her new something blue Chane... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.17 September 27, 2018 / ONE FRAME Children are so much fun include in wedding party photos…they also are not predictable in how they will act for photos, where they will look, or which way they will walk…but when the light is just ri... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.16 September 25, 2018 / ONE FRAME We love to explore the grounds of every property we have the opportunity to work at…this beautiful stairway was tucked away on a third floor, but it made for an incredible portrait. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.15 September 20, 2018 / ONE FRAME Fun Fact: Mira & Matt love Christmas, and with their wedding date the same month of the holiday, they chose to have their first dance to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is you"…their gue... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.14 September 18, 2018 / ONE FRAME You most likely know that we are from the south, so any chance to capture the beautiful Spanish moss of South Louisiana is such a treat. We loved this moment with Jillian & Eric just before their... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.13 September 13, 2018 / ONE FRAME This was definitely our favorite ceremony entry ever. Derek (the groom) along with the ring bearer and two groomsmen rowed a boat across the lake to the ceremony location and arrived just minutes bef... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.12 September 11, 2018 / ONE FRAME Tears always tell a story, no matter if they are happy or sad. During this beautiful ceremony in the Catskills, the groom was overcome with so many happy emotions. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.11 September 6, 2018 / ONE FRAME Marni's niece, Poppy was quite possibly one of the most adorable flower girls we have ever had the pleasure of photographing. We love this moment just before the ceremony, her grandmother was giving h... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.10 September 4, 2018 / ONE FRAME Immediately after their seaside ceremony, Alexis & Eric went for a walk along the water, and we were lucky to join them in documenting the beautiful moment as the sun was setting on the beaches o... SEE MORE