ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.22 October 16, 2018 / ONE FRAME This image has been one of the most popular photographs we have ever taken…We have seen it pop up everywhere and on so many Pinterest boards. This moment was captured on a rainy day in Manhattan, and... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.21 October 11, 2018 / ONE FRAME This image looks super beachy and warm, little did you know that it was December and Marni & Michael were champions to brave the cold to get beautiful light-filled portraits. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.20 October 9, 2018 / ONE FRAME The light was just perfection…and when the bridesmaids + bride locks arms to go on a stroll, and we just had to capture this moment SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.19 October 4, 2018 / ONE FRAME When you just CANNOT stop smiling at each other…we loved this moment between Rachel & Dennis during their City Hall Ceremony. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.18 October 2, 2018 / ONE FRAME We snapped this image just before the Clare walked down the aisle at her Gramercy Park Hotel wedding ceremony. We just adored the florals by Putnam and Putnam paired with her new something blue Chane... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.17 September 27, 2018 / ONE FRAME Children are so much fun include in wedding party photos…they also are not predictable in how they will act for photos, where they will look, or which way they will walk…but when the light is just ri... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.16 September 25, 2018 / ONE FRAME We love to explore the grounds of every property we have the opportunity to work at…this beautiful stairway was tucked away on a third floor, but it made for an incredible portrait. SEE MORE 7 TIPS FOR FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS September 24, 2018 / ADVICE + TIPS Today we are sharing advice from a dear friend of ours and an expert in the bridal fashion industry.  After moving to NYC and launching Trent Bailey Studio in 2009, we soon began to make friends wit... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.15 September 20, 2018 / ONE FRAME Fun Fact: Mira & Matt love Christmas, and with their wedding date the same month of the holiday, they chose to have their first dance to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is you"…their gue... SEE MORE WEYLIN WEDDING IN WILLIAMSBURG – BROOKLYN, NY September 19, 2018 / WEDDING STORIES Kara and Andrew went from strangers who were set up by surprise, to being the last two people in the bar that same night. The couple's 2013 spring introduction lead to a 2016 fall wedding at Weylin. "... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.14 September 18, 2018 / ONE FRAME You most likely know that we are from the south, so any chance to capture the beautiful Spanish moss of South Louisiana is such a treat. We loved this moment with Jillian & Eric just before their... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.13 September 13, 2018 / ONE FRAME This was definitely our favorite ceremony entry ever. Derek (the groom) along with the ring bearer and two groomsmen rowed a boat across the lake to the ceremony location and arrived just minutes bef... SEE MORE THE TUXEDO CLUB WEDDING – TUXEDO PARK, NY September 12, 2018 / WEDDING STORIES Overlooking the mesmerizing lake view at The Tuxedo Club, Samantha & Matt shared their personal vows to each other. "There's honestly nothing we would change" the couple said when reflecting on th... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.12 September 11, 2018 / ONE FRAME Tears always tell a story, no matter if they are happy or sad. During this beautiful ceremony in the Catskills, the groom was overcome with so many happy emotions. SEE MORE 4 TIPS FOR FINDING THE PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHER FROM AN EVENT PLANNER September 10, 2018 / ADVICE + TIPS We are honored today to be sharing insight on the important topic of finding the perfect photographer from one of our favorite wedding planners, Lauren from Loli Events.  Full disclosure – Lauren is a... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.11 September 6, 2018 / ONE FRAME Marni's niece, Poppy was quite possibly one of the most adorable flower girls we have ever had the pleasure of photographing. We love this moment just before the ceremony, her grandmother was giving h... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.10 September 4, 2018 / ONE FRAME Immediately after their seaside ceremony, Alexis & Eric went for a walk along the water, and we were lucky to join them in documenting the beautiful moment as the sun was setting on the beaches o... SEE MORE IDEAL WEDDING DAY TIMELINE September 2, 2018 / ADVICE + TIPS When we first meet with couples, frequently we are asked about the timeline for the day. It's such a tough question to answer fully without knowing many factors of the wedding day that is often not av... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.9 August 30, 2018 / ONE FRAME We love the quiet moments earlier in the day as couples are getting ready for the wedding day. We also REALLY love when couples select rooms that are full of great natural light. SEE MORE GURNEYS WEDDING – MONTAUK, NY August 29, 2018 / WEDDING STORIES A study abroad to the historic city of Florence, Italy brought Christine and Jordan together for a lucky seven years. With many summers shared with family and getting engaged in Montauk, the couple kn... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.8 August 28, 2018 / ONE FRAME Adam surprised Molly with a vintage NYC taxicab outside of the Gramercy Park Hotel, which made for an incredible moment, and our camera surprised us with a light leak that also made for quite the mag... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.7 August 23, 2018 / ONE FRAME Capturing movement & joy in our images are our top two favorites…and this photograph combines the two just perfectly. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.6 August 21, 2018 / ONE FRAME When we tell people that we photograph weddings, their feedback is usually "wow, you get to spend such a happy day with people in love." It's true, we consider it such an honor and are always looking... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.5 August 16, 2018 / ONE FRAME We are always looking for those "in between" moments of the wedding day, usually shot when the couple isn't aware that we are still shooting. This moment with Kayla & Michael is still one of our ... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.4 August 14, 2018 / ONE FRAME We loved this moment as the newlyweds boarded a sailboat on Cape Cod. The light was just right, and the boat helps to tell the nautical story of the wedding day. SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.3 August 9, 2018 / ONE FRAME We adore an exit, especially one after the ceremony (instead of post-reception) when everyone is still full of energy, and the excitement for the newlyweds is at its highest. This moment of celebrat... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.2 August 7, 2018 / ONE FRAME Jennifer and Jason wanted to have a first look that didn't feel super rehearsed and that it was shot from a distance…we loved this moment as the bride was hoping to cross the street, but New York dr... SEE MORE ONE FRAME – EDITION NO.1 August 2, 2018 / ONE FRAME We loved this moment captured as the parents of the bride looked on as their daughters were taking portraits together by the lake at this Cedar Lakes Estate wedding. SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSav... SEE MORE BROOKLYN BOTANICAL GARDEN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY June 17, 2018 / WEDDING STORIES SEE MORE THE SEND OFF May 17, 2016 / MOMENTS On the Journal we will be featuring some of our favorite wedding exits...we love this send off from Tally & Blake's Charleston wedding.  They had a Gospel Choir serenade their guests as they left.... SEE MORE